Kyeheon said, “I’ve been expecting a lot, but it seems to be more than that.” Minchan said, “I was nervous. “I was so nervous when I heard that I loved YouTube so much that I could use the radio together”.

Berry Berry also had time to introduce the first single album ‘VERI-CHILL’ in detail. Min-chan introduced the new album as “an album of aspirations to spend the hot summer with you” Chill “.”

Dong Heon immediately received applause for the point choreography of the title song ‘Tag Tag Tag’, which Vix Ravi was known for participating in the choreography. Dong-hun also said, “I was abroad because of the schedule, but Ravi sent me a video of myself dancing while I was at the hotel.” Kang Min added, “We are very nervous. He says a lot of funny words to help us relax.”

Dongheon, who participated in the lyrics of the song ‘Only Love’, showed off his love for the song, saying, “We participated a lot from verse 2 to the end.” Ho Young said, “Beverly Berry’s charm,” he said, “Berry Berry has a lot more refreshing and sexy shave and changeable appearance. .

Berry Berry, who has been on the patented medley dance of ‘Idol Radio’, has covered hits of various genres. Berry Berry’s’ Tempo ‘,’ Monster ‘, Taemin’s’ WANT’, BTS ” DNA ‘, and TWICE’s’ YES or YES’ are perfect and then Berryberry’s’ Ring Ring Ring ‘ Finished a stage full of revolt.

On this day’s broadcast under the concept of ‘Mr. Berryberry Contest’, Berryberry members showed off their idol power by working in various fields such as dance, adoration, and voice. Gyehyeon and Yeonho sang Paul Kim’s ‘Every day, Every Moment’ and boasted a sweet tone.

Kang Min said, “I’m so happy and thankful that I think we are doing so hard thanks to our fans. I’m still in short supply, but I’ll always try harder and show you a lot better stages. ”

MBC Radio’s idol program ‘Idol Radio’ is broadcasted at MBC standard FM (Seoul and Gyeonggi 95.9MHz) and MBC radio application mini every day at 1 am~2am. Every night at 9-10 pm, you can meet the radio (except weekends) before the broadcast in the Naver Vlive application (V app).

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