‘Weekly Idol’ will unveil the weekly idol ship ‘National Duo Pride’ of heavy rain and JBJ95 through simultaneous broadcast of MBC Every1 and MBC Music at 5 pm on the 14th.

On the 16th, JBJ95, who came back with a heavy rain ahead of the release of ‘friends will finish’ and a new song ‘like a flame’ containing summer night emotions, came to ‘Weekly Idol’.

On this day, ‘Weekly Idol’ held the ‘National Duo Prize’ contest to select the strongest duo through the Best corner, which has been the topic of many idols.

Hou, the 20th year of his debut, challenged the representative corner ‘Ibdeokmun’ and boasted an undying art sense. ‘Ip Deok Moon’ is a corner where you improvise and dance to the music of different concepts such as innocence, sexy, and cutie. Hou turned the scene upside down with an unusual dancing son to the songs of the idols Twice and Cheongha, as well as the pink that he contemplated through his door.

Son Ho-young, who challenged Yum Yum Song, the official weekly idol song, said, “It’s the hardest as Idol for 20 years.” Kim Tae-woo, who was wearing a cute item and challenged Yum Song, made the scene laugh by shouting, “I’m three!” However, Son Ho-young and Kim Tae-woo have been praised for being the original idol, showing their strongest affairs that are second to none.

On the other hand, Hou prepared a cover stage for the junior idol JBJ95 song ‘HOME’ to impress. Kim Tae-woo added, “It’s the first time I’ve been covering junior songs for 20 years.” Indeed, JBJ95’s ‘HOME’, which is called by the group god unit Hou, will be released on the 14th at 5 pm ‘Weekly Idol’.

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