The Monsta X will be held at the Seoul Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Stadium on the 13th and 14th of February. The 2019 MONSTA X WORLD TOUR ‘WE ARE HERE’ IN SEOUL> (2019 Monsta X World Tour ‘ .

TAKE.2 WE ARE HERE ‘, the title song of the second part of the regular 2nd album, which includes the title song’ Alligator ‘, which was released in February this year and has been loved by music fans. In 2017 and 2018 It is the third world tour to follow.

Previously, Monsta X sold out tickets for Seoul performances in just 70 seconds after opening fan club tickets, and proved the powerful ticket power of the crowd. It marks the fourth consecutive year of the sold-out process since the first solo concert held in 2016. This event marked the momentum of the growing interest in the global growth Stone Monsta X, which is constantly developing around the world.

In addition, Monsta X has recently released a surprise concert practice site in Seoul, doubling the expectation of this performance. In this performance, we will announce the more intense and powerful stage and the spectacular start of the world tour with a special set list that is not easily seen.

After the performance in Seoul,Will open 18 cities around the world to Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Oceania by August.

This year’s first solo concert and worldwide tourThe music show is more focused on the performance of Monsta X in Seoul.

On the other hand, Monsta X held the 2019 MONTAX WORLD TOUR ‘WE ARE HERE’ IN SEOUL>, the Seoul performance of the 2019 World Tour, at 5 o’clock pm at 6 o’clock pm at the Seoul Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Stadium I meet with fans.

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