Group One Earth opened the episode of “Idol Radio” with the title song “Twilight” performance. Hwang Woong’s charismatic choreography was based on Taemin’s ‘WANT’, while the West, Hwan Woong, and Kun-hee had a parade.

One Earth showed off his powerful dancing skills at the Medley Dance Corner leading to Justin Timberlake’s Murder (Feat. Jay Z), One’s HERO, English Girl, and Valkyrie, He also showed a masterpiece of choreography on the theme of ‘King’s Man’, which enthused fans who visited Sangam MBC Garden Studio.

One of the members also boasted their vocal skills in live karaoke. Kun-hee applauded Baek Yorin’s “That’s probably not our fault,” and while the West was singing Dean’s “21”, Hwan-woong instantly asked the dancer to laugh.

Also, Ido, the main rapper in the group, showed off his unexpected hidden vocals by singing “Do not forget (Feat. Tae Yeon)” from Crush.

There was also time to introduce RAISE US’s second mini album, RAISE US. Hwanwoong commented on the comeback testimony, “I was nervous because I was the first comeback. It is still happy to see a lot of fans and activities for a long time, “he said.

Raven explained, “The moon in the album jacket picture is modeled on the debut date and the moon of the 2nd album release date.” Kun-hee said, “I was in a power failure while recording the title song, but I had a strange experience that only the computer turned off. I think the ghost has helped us. ”

“I want to make history for a long time with TO.MOON (fan club)” in the future.

The idol radio program of MBC Radio is broadcast every day at 1 ~ 2 AM MBC standard FM (Seoul 95.9MHz in Seoul) and MBC radio application mini. Every night from 9 to 10 o’clock, you can see the radio from the Naver V live application (V app) before the show (except weekends).

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