Rowe unveiled a picture of masculine and liberal appeal in Singapore ‘s men’ s fashion magazine MEN’S FOLIO.

In June / July ’19 Hot Summer ‘theme, Lorn showed her charisma with her hands on her chin, looking at the camera with her gleaming eyes. In addition, he stared at a chair with a fancy visual, gazing at one place with a faint gaze, and created a unique atmosphere.

Peaceful in an interview conducted with the photo shoot is about what makes a great artist daphamyeo called “self is not happy with his attitude, and respect for those who are Haeju like haejusigo cheer me up, and I naengcheolham to make an objective assessment of himself” deeply I was exposed.

In addition to that you are “still trying for their own benefits together will also endeavor to conclude life is to become a good person. It is my strength to do such an effort. ”

The peaceful SF9 belonging to this group will come back to Europe and the Americas • Tour ‘2019 SF9 USA and EUROPE LIVE TOUR [UNLIMITED] June 17, seventh mini-album, coming back after the huge success of `’ RPM ‘. Pictorial and interview peaceful can hwalin through 6 ∙ 7 LIAHONA Singapore MEN’S FOLIO.

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