Wolverhampton throne ‘Guilt Man and Woman Season 2’ (dramatic Min Ji Eun, director Roh Tae-chul) is well received, exceeding the average audience rating of 9.4% and the highest 11.1%, based on the Nielsen metropolitan area furniture standard. In addition, the audience ranked first in the same time zone with a target audience rating of 4.1% and a maximum of 4.6% from 2049 target audience ratings, and got the hot reaction of ‘the best Korean well-made rhetoric’, and viewers are enthusiastic.

MBC Woonghwa drama ‘Gogaku Ganseon Season 2′ tells the progress of cooperation with the evolving crime. It also deals with the returning real cooperation of the forensic scientist Baek Bum (Jung Jae Young), the hot blood prospective new researcher Jinsol (Jung Yumi), and the veteran test Doi Ji Han MBC’s first season drama, the ratings increase day by day, and the majesty of the majors of the majors is boasting.

What is the reason that the ratings are constantly rising? “Season 2” is a fast-paced development, sensational production, and actors’ performance, “the season has evolved, the audience rating and topic progress,” and received the attention of viewers.

In addition to ratings, VOD is also running a box office. Recently, the share of VOD usage occupied the first place for 3 consecutive weeks (on the basis of SK Broadband’s terrestrial monthly payment products), and PPV purchases of single-item products from the 4th week of June increased to No. 1. If you look at the audience rating and VOD purchase rate, you can say that ‘Goban Guy Season 2’ is one of the most terrestrial dramas on the air.

In this way, thanks to the popularity of the ‘Guilty Guy Season 2’, the voice of support for praying for Season 3 as well as the driving style of the season 1 is rising. Following the ‘Hanson’ event, which was the ending of Season 1, the new stories that started each time were more immersive, and the conflict between forensic scientists and trauma surgeons and the reversal of the ‘double personality’ Is falling into the horsepower of the “second grade man and woman season 2”.

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