Singer and nebulae will not be released bojineun know the password for the mobile phone lovers she said.

In the JTBC2 “Today’s fortune” broadcasted on the 24th, Na Young-woon explained why she does not share her mobile phone, saying, “Even if there is nothing on her (her mobile phone), she may feel guilty for watching her mobile phone.”

Jun Hyosung said, “That’s an important question when it comes to dating. As for me, I’m the type to share my password with my significant other. If my lover was acting suspicious, I would definitely look through their phone.” When asked if she’d ever been caught doing that, she said, “Yes, I have.”

She added, “When someone feels uncomfortable, their behavior changed. In the past, we would just look at our phones comfortably together, but soon they started leaning away from me and hiding what was onscreen.

Super Junior’s Shindong, who is one of the hosts on the show, said that he would not look at his girlfriend or friend’s phone, including the new messages that come up on their lock screen. Shin Dong Yup then flustered Ha Sung Woon by suddenly throwing the question in his direction.

Ha Sung Woon said that he would not and explained, “If there’s nothing on it, then it’s pointless, and I would feel a sense of guilt that I had looked at all.”

On the other hand, former Hyosung, who was on the same day, said, “I open my mobile phone password with my lover, and my lover seems to solve it if I do something suspicious.

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