Haha said his love for the family.

On the night of the 23rd SBS ‘Ugly We Kid’ (hereafter ‘Miu bird’), Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jong Min met and met a couple of haha-stars and they were eating.

Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jong Min met Haha-Stars couple. The star, which had recently conceived the third, appeared as a full-fledged figure. The two men said they would buy Beijing duck for the full star.

Kim Jong-guk praised the star as “I was too pretty even though I was pregnant.” The star said, “I am pregnant is constitution, others are swollen or a little fat, but I heard that I was pretty,” he said, “the hospital said that the fourth pregnancy,” he said.

Then the star pointed to her husband Haha and said, “We did not know anything, we just got married, we just got married.” The husband started to lower his expectation, and he thought it was okay.

Kim Jong-min said, “There is a way to know the gender of the baby in the belly.” “I can be right.” She added, “When the boat comes out, it is my daughter, and if it spreads to the side, it is my son.”

And Kim Jong – min asked the star, “Stand by the South,” and called the star. When the star turns to the left, Kim Jong-min says, “If you turn left, it is your son.”

However,Because you called on the left, I turned left. I would have looked back to the right if I called him. ”

On the other hand, Kim Jong-guk asked Hahaha, “Even though my wife is pregnant, “I do it because I work and I have to drink to get music,” Haha said.

Kim Jong Kook said, “If you drink, you can not remember it. Hahaha said, “My brother does a lot of exercise and it takes a lot of cold.

In addition, Haha said, “There is no life like Choi Jae-jong, Sean, Cha In-pyo, they are gods, not human beings. Then he told Kim Jong-kuk that he would choose his wife and wife.

Haha, who can die without worrying for her children, said, “My family is so precious that if I think of a child, I can not cry about it lately.

Haha – Baek Ji-young of the studio who saw the star and the couple said, “If the star says it like that, my husband is the best and the best.”

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