The making of the MBC tree mini series ‘Spring Night’ was released on the 12th (Wednesday), and the image of Han Ji Min, who digest both the food and the tears, was included. In the drama, Han Ji-min plays a role of Lee Jung-in, who plays a passionate farewell to old Kwon Ki-suk (Kim Joon-Han)

On this day, the shooting performance of Han Ji Min, especially when the tear gas explodes, attracts attention. Han Ji-min, who exploded the feelings he had been pushing for Kim Jun-han, immersed himself in the Lee Jung-in himself.

But when I wait for the next shot, I took a delicious pasta prepared with a small piece and showed it to me. Kim Jun Han said, “I’m eating for the reality, I’m not eating hungry.” I shuddered, and Han Ji-min also said, “Me too.”

Ahn Chang-seok PD, who watched this, expressed surprise at the two people’s storms, saying, “You said you ate gimbap.” Then Han Ji-min, who discovered the making camera being shot, was amazed and suddenly started practicing with Kim Jun-han and gave a big smile once more.

Han Ji Min, who has diverse spectrum of charms from the camera to the serious emotional performance, can be seen through the ‘spring night’. MBC ‘Spring Night’ every Wednesday, Thursday night broadcasts at 8:55.

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