MBC broadcast on the 7th ‘I live alone’ Henry rich (father and child) and the daily life of Sung Hoon was drawn.

On the day Henry and his father got up early in the morning to enjoy the gorgeous autumn in Toronto.

However, unlike Henry, who was quickly preparing to enjoy a rich date for the first time in his life, his father played the piano and swept the kitchen several times. Henry also laughed and laughed, expressing his unusual son ‘s love.

Henry Rich, then, came out to feel autumn in full swing. The two men climbed up the mountain in a hurry while trying to take pictures of each other against the backdrop of beautifully colored leaves. Henry was “the first climber with my father,” and he spent a warm time with his first climbing shot.

Henry booked his boat to show his father Niagara Falls properly. Henry Richie, dressed in a raincoat, soon boarded the boat. The boat, which was starting slowly, soon began to speed, and Henry screamed in fear. It turns out that Henry booked a quick boat, not a boat that could mistakenly see a waterfall peacefully. The world’s boats made Henry a global coward.

Henry challenged the rapids and was soaked with water, “Oh my God, I hate Niagara.” But unlike Henry, who kept worrying about his father in a spectacular boat, his father was satisfied with his “happy and good experience.”

Henry, then, had a meal at a restaurant with a view of the waterfall.

In particular, Henry sneaked out of his cake for his father on his birthday and held a surprise event. Henry said, “I am sorry I was not able to stay with you when I was there. “I was so surprised,” said Henry’s father, “I was deeply moved and thankful, but I did not know how to express it.

Henry also gave his father a letter he wrote for the first time in his life. Through the letter, Henry said, “I know that I have worked hard for my family, so I feel sick, but now I do not want to work anymore, and in the future I will take care of my father. . The father, who was moved by the letter of his son full of love, I cried with tears.

On this day, Sung Hoon headed to the bank to make an OTP card.

Sung-hoon, who had been waiting for the number, was somewhat nervous, saying, “I was shocked to see the OTP card for the first time.” Sung-hoon asked the bank staff about the OTP card and asked questions about the questions. In addition, Sung – hoon joined Internet banking and housing subscription on the bank.

Then Seonghun saw a chapter at the mart and made a meal of rice. Sung-hoon, who had cooked a tangled dish, made a stir-fried stir-fried miso soup, egg rolls, and chonggyeongchae stir-fry. Especially at a meal, Sung-hoon made a nice call with her mother who is full of charm.

After eating, Seonghun succeeded in internet banking using OTP card. “I felt like I was in a new world, it was a new challenge for me,” he said.

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