Yoon Doo-jun delivered the good news to the fans.

On the 2nd, the leader of the group’s highlight, Yoon Doo-jun, appeared as an MC in ‘TOP CHEF ARMY’, a content developed by the ROK Army. ‘TOP CHEF ARMY’ is the ROK Army’s planned contents specially designed to catch the taste of soldiers and show delicious and healthy army meals.

On that day, Yoon Doo-joon showed his skillful progress with a witty speech and outstanding quickness. In addition, he made a big success with Chemie with Kang Min-kyung, who was in charge of the process.

After joining the army in July last year, Yoon Doo-jun, currently working in the 12th Division Military Police Battalion, was promoted to the military for three months early due to exemplary military life, and the MC of ‘TOP CHEF ARMY’ delivered good news to the fans.

Meanwhile, ‘TOP CHEF ARMY’ will be produced three times and will be opened once a week through the official website of the Army, Facebook, and Kakao page.

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