‘Itaewon Class’ Park Se-Roe and Moon Se-yun, who were noted as the head of the night, joined the top spot in the ‘Doremi Market’ with the key and Hyeri. In the first appearance, Hong Jin-kyung became the main character of the one shot.

Hong Jin-kyung and Nam Chang-hee appeared on tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday-Doremi Market’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Doremi Market’) broadcast on the 21st.

At the opening of the day, Moon Se-yun appeared and attracted attention by Park Seo-joon, a trademark leader of the JTBC Geumto drama ‘Itaewon Class’ Park Sae-Roi.

The cast members were astonished by saying “Don’t you?”, And Moon Se-yun revealed that it was “Gangho-dong” and laughed.

The first issue was the narration part of Yoon Si-nae’s ‘Love’. Shin Dong-yeop, who showed confidence as a favorite song, couldn’t hide his embarrassment when the narration part came out as a problem.

Moon Si-yoon was the most hit by Yoon Si-ae’s passion. Se-yoon Moon, who was captured as the one-shot protagonist, also took the lead with co-stars and Hyeri.

Hye-ri pledged that Hye-ri “will try to hit her alone.” 

The cast failed in the first challenge. The sun who ate red chili pepper soup with spicy red pepper and kimchi ate “I thought it was heartbreaking, but it was spicy.”

Eventually, the casts who succeeded in the next challenge were satisfied with eating red pepper soup.

In the second round, SHINee’s ‘Clue’ was a problem. The main character of this round’s motto was Hong Jin-kyung. Hong Jin-kyung, who received one shot after her first appearance, looked confused.

This problem was also not easy. In particular, there was a controversy over the ‘Machine’ claimed by Kim Dong-Hyun and the ‘Match’ claimed by Pio. In the end, it turned out that Pyo’s ‘guess’ was the right answer.

But in the other part, the wrong word was said, and the second round failed.

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