‘Hotel del Luna’ will finally start its business on the 13th.

The TVN New Saturday drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’ is a fantasy romance with an eloquent story about an elite hotelier who takes on the manager of Hotel Del Luna and runs Del Luna with a majestic and beautiful but wacky boss.

Before the airing, the images and images that snatched my taste caused infinite curiosity, which made Del Luna’s hotel open. I had three reasons why I had to check in at Hotel Del Luna before my first business.

▶ Fantasy: A secret world that no one else knows, ‘Hotel del Luna’

At the production presentation held on the 8th, “Yejin knows a secret world that no one knows.” As he expresses, the Del Luna Hotel is a secluded world that reveals its brilliant substance only to wandering demons at night. So how did director Cho Hong-hwan implement this new world? “I focused on creating a new space,” said Oh. “I was interested in art and CG so that I could explain it just by drawing.” So is it.

The actors gathered the finished Del Luna to be “mysterious and sensuous”, and the viewers became more excited about the broadcast with the heated response to the public highlights.

▶ Romance: Lee Ji-eun X Jinju, Shimkung romance

EJE and EJING, which were topics from casting. The two men are divided into a ghost (Jeju Eun), the president of Del Luna Hotel (Lee Eun Eun), who reveals the gorgeous reality only to the wandering demon, A man with a mysterious woman who has long been living in Del Luna with a ‘presence’ and a ‘haunted’ staff and guests, and a person with a perfect spec, but who looks at haunted ghosts.

It is a point of observation to see how the emotions of these two distinctly contrasting characters will be different toward each other. In an exhilarating horror, Lee Ji Eun and Ye Jin Ji gather anticipation about what kind of heart romance will be created.

▶ Horror: An episode of a different ghost each time

, “Hot summer, with Hotel Del Luna, you can fly the heat,” said the actors. It is also true that both hoteliers and guests of Del Luna are ‘ghosts’. Oh Cho-hwan said, “I grabbed the tones and features of each ghost. It is not just a white gown that is a ghost. It is a story about how it became a ghost and what kind of story it has, “he explains,” but it is not a scary story. There is a humorous code unique to the Hong Kong writer. I tried to be a work that can convey sympathy and healing. “He predicted that the element of ‘horror’ is another point of observation that will further enhance the fun of the work.

On the other hand, ‘Hotel del Luna’ was an early plan of the ‘Sun of the Lordship’ written by Hong writers in 2013. This story will come to the world in 2019, and director Cho Chung-hwan will direct director of “Doctors” and “While you are asleep.”

It will be broadcasted first on tvN at 9 pm on the 13th.

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