On the 21st SBS Geumto drama ‘Hyena’, a picture of Yoon Hee-jae (Ji Ji-hoon), who learned the past of Jeong Geum-ja (Kim Hye-soo), was depicted.

On this day, Lee Ji-eun (Oh Kyung-hwa) asked Jeonggeumja, “Is the mountain octopus good?” Jieun Lee asked, “Isn’t this the coat, Mr. Yun’s coat? What happened yesterday?” Jung Geumja recalled last night.

Last night, Yoon Hee-Jae appeared at the meeting place with Kevin Jung, leaving the room in a hurry, and Yoon Hee-Jae followed Jung Geum-ja. Jeong Geum-ja replied to Hee-jae Yoon, “I can’t distinguish the construction. Isn’t it an elite?” 

In this appearance, Hee-Jae Yoon told the taxi driver, “Let’s go to the coldest place,” and took off the coat to the cold-Summer in front of the cable car. I guess. This is our car. ” 

Heejae Yoon answered, “Everyone has a difference. Why didn’t we come here when we were dating?” In this regard, Jung Geum-ja said, “You sometimes feel like a kid. Song will know that. It’s easy to use.” 

After that, Jung Geum-ja put Yoon Hee-jae on the cable car and pointed to Hee-jae’s heart and said, “Here it is too hot.” Accordingly, Yoon Hee-jae was embarrassed.

The next day, Yoon Hee-jae had a meeting with Team H and the fact that Trinity Psychology was linked to Gnosys Pharmaceuticals. Hee-jae Yoon said, “The pseudo-religion is much easier to whisk. Do well. You’re good at playing the original place.” 

Jeong Geum-ja from the conference room said to Ji-eun Lee, “Stop playing the GPS of Yun Hee-jae.” 

After that, Jeong Geumja met with Kim Min-joo (Kim Ho-jung), and Kim Min-ju said, “Kevin Jeong and Jeong Byeon had a lot of interest .. Is this kind of taste like … the side menu I see for the first time?” Did you come to shoot an arrow in my chest today?

In this regard, Kim Min-joo said, “You like Jeong Byeon, money. I’m not a man. I’m going to have one or two hunsu.” 

Kim Min-joo suggested, “Let’s get in touch with me in earnest. To do that, I have to hang up with the representative of Song Pil-jung. I’ll just return Song & Kim to the original.” Jung Geum-ja said, “You don’t talk about calcium restrictions. .. Then let’s talk about my values. ”  

Jeong Geum-ja, who was digging up about Gnosys Pharmaceuticals, visited Trinity with information from Lee Ji-eun. “I met a daughter a while ago,” said the principal to Trinity. In response, the headmaster said, “Confinement, intimidation, assault. Everything a daughter says is false.”  

So Hyun-ah Bu visited Trinity’s daughter Baek Woon-mi (Moon Ye-won) and gave her a business card. H team had a meeting and Baek Woon-mi came during the meeting. In response, Bae Woon-mi said, “What is the purpose? “I also lived in hell in the past,” Jeong Geumja told Woonmi. 

In response, Baek Woon-mi said, “Isn’t she really going to give up?” “I confessed hard, but I was sorry,” said Buhyuna. “If Gnossis is resolved, I will give up this case. Then Jeonggeumja replied, “Who’s that in the style of a ruler?” 

Meanwhile, Yoon Hee-jae received an order for the inheritance tax law from Song Pil-jung and told Giga-hyuk (Jeon Seok-ho) to join us. In this regard, attorney Jung is concerned about Jung. I was worried if I could do other things like this, and Yoon Hee-jae replied that I should take care of myself. 

So, without knowing Jung Geum-ja, Kim Chang-wook (Hyeon Bong-shik) held a meeting and the three of them met Kevin Jeong after having lunch at the hideout. Kevin Jung asked the best regards to the goldsmith, and Yun Hee-jae said firmly, “Let me leave when I rest.” Therefore

Kevin Jung asked Yoon Hee-jae, “Do you like a lawyer, a goldsmith?” “It’s not a relationship between men and women.” Then, Kevin Chung said, “Keep maintaining that consistent attitude.” 

Later, Kevin Chung went to the office of the goldsmith. “I’m not here to tell the story of Gnosis,” said Kevin Chung. In response, Jeong Geum-ja asked, “Let’s talk about calcium.” At that time, Yoon Hee-jae, who had left work, visited the office of Jeong Geum-ja. 

In response, Jeong Geum-ja asked Kevin Jung, “What do you want from me? Love? Sex?” And Kevin Jung said, “What is that?” Hee-jae Yoon, who heard this, was embarrassed and left the office and recalled the moment when he kissed Jung-geum. At that moment, Park Joo-ho (Hong-Ji Hong) appeared and asked for legal advice. 

In response, Yoon Hee-jae said, “Would you like to ask Jung Geum-ja?” And Park Joo-ho said, “It can’t be done.” Then Heejae Yoon replied, “Because we are a party? From now on, I will not tell anyone about all the stories about the goldsmith.” 

After that, Yun Hee-jae visited Jeong-muk and said, “I think I know enough about you. Jung-young Jung.”

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