A 24-year-old couple who is in divorce crisis tried to catch eye at ‘Icon Tact’. Both husbands and wives were hurting each other again in secret.

Channel A ‘Iconact’, which aired on the 3rd, appeared in a 24-year-old couple who are in divorce crisis.

My wife told her husband who didn’t listen to her to divorce her if she didn’t want to change her.

Husband continued to laugh about the reason, “It’s been so long since I haven’t seen my eyes.” That lack of conversation between the couple.

The two women’s discord was the biggest problem. The husband pointed out that he was earning hard and pointed out his wife who did not work. My wife told me she was pregnant when she wasn’t working late, so she kept her husband speechless.

Haha in the conversation of the couple, “I feel frustrated and die,” complained of pain. Lee Sang-min frustrated her husband who could not read his wife’s heart.

A shocking confession also came out. The husband often tried extreme choices in front of his wife and child. My wife replied, “Every time you die you’re really scared. You’re your father.

The husband was shocked to confess that his behavior resembled his father’s former appearance. The wife’s personality from anger resembled her mother-in-law. My wife chose her husband, not her mother.

He asked, “Do you love me?” The husband approached his wife and knelt down and said, “Let’s go with me.” The wife smiled and poured tears. The husband also promised, “I’ll listen to it without thinking too much.” My wife also promised, “I won’t speak to you.”

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