The ‘ICY’ MV, which was released on YouTube at 9:00 on the 29th of last month, reached 50 million views at 2:39 am on the 4th, and has continued a steep increase in views.

The debut song “Dalda Dalla”, which has exceeded 5 million views in only 2 hours 40 minutes, was shortened about 4 hours a day by 6 hours 40 minutes.

As a result, ITZY also turned a green light to set the record for ‘2 consecutive MV 100 million views’ following the debut song ‘Daladala’ MV.

The ‘ICY’ MV, which has been played in all locations in Los Angeles, USA, was filled with the thrilling and cool charm of ITZY. Particularly, it caught the attention of the fans with the glittering visuals, the bit to blow coolly, the powerful and dynamic dance break,

ITZY is meeting with domestic and foreign fans not only through ‘ICY’ music video but also through various video contents. The content that can be gleaned from the ‘ICY’ choreography of five perfect swordsmen, M2 ‘Relay Dance’, music broadcasting camcorder, etc. can be seen in the ‘stage masters’ aspect of ITZY members.

ITZY also won the ‘New Female Actor’ in the ‘2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS (2019 MGMA)’ held on the 1st, and won the New Artist in 171 days of his debut.

‘ICY’ is a song written by JYP’s leading producer Park Jin-young for the first time for ITZY. Cazzi Opeia, who made a name for Twice ‘Dance The Night Away’ and Ellen Berg, who worked on the ‘Pikabu’ of Red Velvet, who was a talented producer and rapper, Lauren Dyson, Ashley Alisha, and Cameron Neilson, who have worked on Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, “I’m Fine” and “Home”

ITZY is a 4th generation girl group that girl group ‘JYP’ is introducing. It debuted on February 12 this year with the first digital single ‘IT’z Different (is not different)’ and title song ‘different’. The song set a new record for ‘K-pop girl group’ including ‘the shortest period terrestrial music broadcasting first place’ and the terrestrial 7th kings ‘music broadcast total nine kings’.

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