The picture of Haewon (Park Min-young), who confesses to Eun-seop (Park Kang-jun) once again, was depicted in the JTBC Wolhwa drama broadcast on the afternoon of the 24th.

Eun-seop saw the welcome of a sick woman and followed him heading into the mountains. To find Eunsub, who disappeared, Haewon went to a mountain hut alone late at night, but there was no Eunsup in the hut. 

Eun-seop, who lost his mind after falling down the hill after wandering down the mountain, woke up to the sound of Hae-won calling his name from afar and returned to the cabin. There, Eun-sub, who met Hae-won, was cold to Hae-won, who was worried about her.

Eunseob boiled warm water to Haewon and said, “Never come up from the next. Even if I’m sick or I don’t go down, never come up.” Haewon was hurt. The next morning after descending from the mountain, Haewon had a cold and replied to Eunsub coldly. 

The journey (Nam Ki-ae) also showed her heartbreaking feelings to her son Eun-seop, who went to the mountain silently, leading a sore body, and Eun-seop revealed that she had seen the woman’s welcome and promised that she would never go to the mountain again without her mother’s permission. Myeong-yeo (Moon Jeong-hee) headed to Seoul for a publishing company meeting, and on a train to Seoul, Myeong-yeo recalled memories with a male student who liked her as a child. 

Haewon fell asleep due to a cold, and Eun-seop, who saw it, was painful and could not easily approach. Haewon refused because Eun-seop passed the medicine but said it was okay. Haewon said, “If I take this medicine, I can do something.” He said, “I would like to hear the answer to my confession. I want to hear it,” Eunseop replied, “I’m sorry.”

The next morning, Hui (Hwan-hee Kim) learned that Eun-seob was in the cabin with a book he had to take to school, but he said he was going to the mountain, but the journey was very opposite. Meanwhile, Haewon came to the bookstore, and the journey asked Haewon to go to the cabin with Eunseob. 

Eunsub said he could go alone, but Haewon followed. Haewon, who had found the tomb while walking through the mountain, asked Eun-seop, who said that suspicion was raised. After arriving at the hut, Hae-won said he would stop by at the top of the mountain, and Eun-seop, worried, followed him. 

Haewon confessed her mind to Eun-seop once again when she saw the panoramic view from the top. Haewon turned around, saying, “You only need to accept that you don’t like me, but I can’t do it. You were so warm that I doubted you. But I told you not to do it.

Eun-seop, who seized the Hawon, confessed his heart with a kiss. 

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