Actor Kim Dong-joon, a child from the group’s empire, received a cup of coffee from member Jeon Ji-wan.

Kim Dong-jun’s agency Major Nine posted three photos on the official SNS on the 2nd, saying, “The intern senior Jang-Gra has sent cheering sensations of loyalty to the aide’s passionate intern.”

Kim Dong-joon poses with a drink and a churus in front of a coffee tea presented by Jeon Ji-wan. The coffee tea placard is catching attention because it contains the phrase ‘Internship is difficult for everyone at first ~ -Intern seniors Jang’ and ‘We do a good job even though we have a little sunny ~!’

Major Nine side added, “How much will a bright passionate intern, who is running hard from place to place, will come back differently? A big step! Please look forward to the season 2 aide with the growth of Han Do-kyung!”

Meanwhile, the JTBC drama “ Advisor-The People Who Move the World, ” which finished Season 1 last July, will return to Season 2 in November. Kim Dong-joon plays Han Hee-seop, an intern, in the theater.

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