Jeon Ji-wan presented a snack car for Yeojin-gu.

Yeo Jin-gu on his Instagram on the 12th, “No. 303 Yoon Jong-woo … Human guest is the 404. … Can I grab the room …? Gram “along with the photo.

In the released photo, Yeojin-gu smiles brightly in front of the snack car sent by Jeon. The two had breathed together in the MBC “ The Moon in the Sun ” broadcast in 2012.

In particular, Temporary wan laughed with a witty banner phrase, “ I wanted the manager of Edengo-won-No. 303 Yoon Jong-woo ”, in line with his character in ‘The Other is Hell’ and Yeojin-gu in ‘Hotel DeLuna’. On the other hand, Temporary Wan comes back to Seoul from the OCN Drama Cinema ‘The Other is Hell’, which will be broadcast on the 31st and returns to Seoul.

Yeojin-gu has been loved by viewers by playing the role of Elite Hotelier Ku Chan-sung in tvN’s Japanese drama ‘Hotel DeLuna’.

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