The last JTBC drama ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ Im Soo Hyang suffers a lot because of his unseen appearance. Then I made a big decision and I expected college life to be different, but reality did not seem like the future idea.

‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ and the heroine, Future, are not heavy on the problems that are prevalent in this society, but they conveyed a hearty message.

It would not be easy for an actress to be a character who is a molded beauty. However, actor Im Soo Hyang, who played Im Soo Hyang, said that he decided to appear actively. Lim Soo – hyang grew up smiling and laughing with the future of the heroine. He was also a fan of the original, and he told me that he really learned a lot and became solid through this drama. In fact, he was in his thirties, but he met him in the interview, and his youthful twenty-year-old life was overflowing. He says he is still too much to leave the future, and he is left with a good feeling. I felt affection for the future in one answer.


– What is your dream as a human being?

▶ My dream is to live happily. (Laughter) Even if I have a lot of money and become a star, it does not seem to be of any use if I am not happy. Maybe it is an unfortunate life. I am happy that I am just acting now and I am happy to communicate with people around me. It is also happy that viewers take care of me. I usually just enjoy eating with my friends and playing with my dogs. On a real hot day, turn on the air conditioner, watching TV, eating watermelon. (Laughter)

– It seems that the character after the debut is getting harder and harder.

▶ There is a similar reaction in the vicinity. It seems that his debut film, ‘New parasitic 뎐’ was so strong. It is also very appreciative for the actor to have such masterpieces. After that, it seemed that I have been actively broadcasting a lot of arts and have shown a lot of my real appearance. Because he loves such a thing, I think he would have taken the role of Kang Mi-rae this time. In the future, I think you will talk a lot about Kang Mi-rae characters. I think it is a great luck to have another ‘life’.

– What would you like to get as an actor?

▶ When I heard the story ‘Smoke is good’, it seems that there is no happier time. I still answer the question ‘what kind of actor would you like to be?’ I think that is the essence. Through this work, it was really a lot of power when I heard the story of ‘I’m good at acting’. I thought I should work harder,

– 30’s soon. What do you think about 30-actor life?

▶ I will not be able to get a little deeper than I was in my 20s. Of course, I personally do not make a distinction between 20s and 30s, but I am not one year old (laughs). My physical strength is lower than before. And now everybody calls ‘seniors’ in the field. I seem to realize my age when this happens.

– What kind of senior actor would you like to be in your juniors?

▶ I want to be a comfortable senior. The acting is sum. Whether it is drama or play, the sum of each other is important, and if I try to bounce there, the harmony will not break. When I acted together, I was comfortable with the smoke. I want to be a senior with good acting. In this work, I tried to play with my younger friends so that I play a lot of fun and have fun together. I think Kimu was better because he had a lot of fun.

– Kang Mi-rae is a completely different character than the old villain. There is no difference.

▶ Actually, I did not play that bad a lot (laughs). I played a character with a little nasty corner. In fact, I am more comfortable with the victim than the villain. The actor is also more uncomfortable than the original beater. I am more comfortable with proper acting. Personally, it seems that ‘cowgirl’ is acting well.

– Thinking about the parts that are judged by the actor as an actor.

▶ This is the part where I was healed through this drama. I was a part that I was obsessed with, and I received many injuries. My appearance can not satisfy everyone. If you stick to everyone, you lose me. Of course, I still care about my appearance, but I can not change my appearance. So I was more concerned with acting. I want to care about acting rather than appearance.

– The future direction as a human being rather than an actor.

▶ ‘Let me love myself’. It seems that I love you even if I love you. Of course, he should not be too bad, but I love him so much that I thought I should love him a lot.

– If there is a ‘Gangnam Beauty’ season 2, is there a willingness to appear?

▶ Of course. If Season 2 is produced, I am willing to do it. ‘Gangnam beauty’ seems to be one of life’s works for me. It seems that this lingering will remain for a while.

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