The judges include Beagledoll B2B’s rapper Jung Il-hoon, Oh My Girl’s incest Seung Hee & Hyo-jung, and Gagman Ahn Il-kwon, who showed his unexpected singing power with the ‘Golden Key’. I will do it.

Oh my girls Seung-hee and Hyo-jung continued to show off their youthful charm by enhancing the studio atmosphere. When a masked singer presented Kara’s ‘Mr.’ hip dance as a personal, Seung-hee and Hyo-jung jumped together to the stage and showed amazing dance skills. In addition, he expressed various reactions with flexible facial muscles throughout the greening, foretelling the birth of a new ‘milk’ that will lead to Sin Bong-seon’s ‘masking stagnation jabbang’.

Meanwhile, the masked singer ‘Bathbath’, which was judged by the judges Kim Gura last week, became more curious about his identity as a slapstick zombie individual throwing his whole body. In addition, unlike the fact that he refused to leave the stage last week without believing in the second round, he showed a serious solo stage and showed tears.

Yun Sang confessed to the female masked singer “thank you for coming out” and thanked her for her existence and made the recording studio warm. Attention is drawn to who is the No. 1 masked singer in Yoon Sang’s mind, which is estimated to be older than Ha Chun-hwa.

You can check out Oh My Girl Seung Hee & Hyo Jung’s dance skills and the impressive solo stage of masked singers at MBC ‘The King of Mask Singer’ at 5 pm on Sunday (1st).

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