‘Absolutely Guy’ Mom has transformed into a ‘White Spy’ who is hiding behind a cement column and listening to someone.

Minsa took on the role of Eun Soon, a team leader, who led a special makeup team on behalf of his father who died in the SBS drama “Absolute Ghost” (Apocalypse / Production / Apocalypse, iHQ). Above all, Ms. Park has broken his love for seven years, has been deeply wounded and closed his heart, but he has become a delicate character who gradually regains his emotions with the “half – forced roof romance” .

In particular, on May 30th, Eumdada (Bang, Min-a) is a temporary manager of his male boyfriend and top star Ma Wang-jun (Hong Jong-hyun) I was in trouble with colostrum. After learning that the two men who love herself are going to eat ‘rice cake’, they were surprised by the ending.

In this regard, the center of ‘Triangle Romance’, which is full of loving robots and top stars, is captured by the ‘007 Dada’ transforming scene where Minea is hiding completely hidden with a hoodie and mask and watching someone. done. A scene where Eomdada (Bang Min-ah) hiding from the head to the toe of the pole chooses the breath to come and runs a sharp eye, and then the body is lowered to a heartbeat somewhere. I have always had a clear look and a smile on my face, and while I was wearing a serious face that I had never seen before, I am curious to see why I tried to hide and hide secretly.

From the image of the original image of the ‘White Spy Transformation’ of Bang Min-a, Bang Min-ah’s ‘anti-charm’ was blown out and the movie was excited. When Ms. Park started to shoot, she showed a sharp “look of spring” and instantly made the scene as “hotspot information,” but when she heard ‘Ok’, she laughed at the sea and melted the fierce atmosphere.

In addition, whenever Ms. Bang changes into a scene or a different place, she unfolds her charismatic eyes and dramatic gestures, adding a sense of tingling tension to the romance of a fairy tale “Absolute Guy”. Mang’s actor, who leads the tone of the drama that stretches out with ‘different development’, attracted the applause of the scene.

“I am a very sincere actor who prepares various performances whenever and under any circumstances,” said the production crew. “I am expecting a lot of excitement because the glare and glances of Bang Min-ae appear at unexpected moments in this scene.

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