MBC “I Live Alone” (Plan Kimgu San / Directed by Hwang Ji Young and Lee Min Hee), which is broadcasted tomorrow (14th), depicts that Ishin is leaving for a short summer vacation with Song Jin-woo and others. He enjoys the honey-like holiday of a single day in a busy daily life, and lifts the happiness index vertically.

On the day, Ishian feels like busy in the morning and prepares for lunch. The official dish of ‘I Live Alone’ is Sunsun. He will try to make the easiest fruit lunch box, and he will climb up his eyes to see him as an extraordinary difficulty in ordinary fruit cutting.

After that, we will go on vacation by raising Song Jin-woo, our best friend who has summer vacation every year. Ishian is expected to have a great fun, saying that he has skillfully trained Song Jin-woo’s indelible individual feats (?) And shows the feeling of beautiful beauty by radiating the best chemi for years.

Especially, the two people who enjoy driving with delightful energy give the enthusiasm of fun to the necessary strategies for perfect conquest of their destination. The day of Ishin ‘s two men who will be presenting a feast for celebrating the fourth anniversary of their visit is already anticipating.

The daily life of Ishin will be more enjoyable than the peak season during the non-peak summer vacation season, which can be confirmed at MBC ‘I Live Alone’ at 11:10 pm tomorrow.

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