In the JTBC gold-tone drama ‘Itaewon Class’ (played by Cho Gwang-jin, directed by Kim Sung-yoon) broadcast on the 21st, Park Sae-Roi (Park Seo-joon) was kidnapped by Jang Geun-won (Ahn Bo-hyun) to save Jang Geun-soo (Kim Dong-hee) and Joi-seo (Kim Dami) Jang Dae-hee (Yoo Jae-myeong) ) On my knees.

On this day, Jang Dae-hee rejoiced, “I’m only kneeling on Aesop’s job. I’m losing my faith. How are you feeling now?” Sae-Roi Park said, “I’m sorry. I thought it was worth walking for decades for this fight. Such a man said to lean on his hostage and kneel down. It’s a bad time to chase this ugly old man.” Then Dae-hee Jang was shocked and stared blankly at Park Sae-Roi. Sae-Roi Park said, “I only knew you after decades.”

The kidnapped Jang Geun-soo and Joey Seo were in crisis again. Joycer lifted his weapon with a trembling hand and succeeded in escaping, but was quickly chased. At the moment of crisis, Park Sae-Roi dragged the car and appeared. In response, Joey said to Park Sa-Roi, “Where are you from here?” Accordingly, Choi Seung-kwon (Ryu Kyung-soo) sacrificed himself and sent Joey Seo and Park Sa-Roi.

So Sae-Ro Park confessed to Joyce, “I remember when I was playing in Itaewon before. In my head, my heart is full of you.” “Is that okay?” Asked Joyser. In the meantime, Park Sae-Roi said, “Is this your heart too? I’m very nervous. I love you. I love you a lot.”

Eventually, Cho Su-won’s police report arrested Jang Geun-won, which ended. With a sigh of relief when I opened my eyes at the hospital, I embraced Joo-soo again. Afterwards, she did not know that she was being investigated by prosecutors for alleged ties with the gangster, murder, kidnapping, embezzlement, and bribery.

Subsequently, at the temporary shareholders’ meeting, Park Sa-Roi expressed her ambition to prosper the newly married Zhangjiagang group and was applauded by the executives.

Oh Su-ah (Kwon Na-ra), who previously accused the gang of the Zhangjiagang group for Park Sa-Roi, also ended with a happy ending. Oh Sua hung up the phone to Park Sae-Roi by saying, “I’m going to live my life in peace now. Cheer up as a friend. Later, after apologizing to everyone, Jang Geun-soo left to study in the United States.

Since then, Bo-Gum Park was surprised and surprised viewers. After seeing Park Bo-gum, the candidate for a new interview, Oh Sua said, “The jackpot.”

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