ITZY revealed the joy receive the songs of the group, the producer Park Jin-young ITZY (not).

On the afternoon of the 29th, there was a showcase commemorating the release of their first mini album ‘IT’z ICY’ at Blue Square in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

The title song ‘ICY’ looks cold on the outside, but the inside expresses the figure of a passionate passion. JYP is a cool summer song written and composed for the first time by Park Jin Young. The main lyricist, composer Park Jin-young, and talented producer and rapper Penomeko have participated in the lyrics. Cazzi Opeia, who created Twice ‘Dance The Night Away’, Ellen Berg, who worked on the picabu of Red Velvet, , Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Lauren Dyson, Ashley Alisha, and Cameron Neilson, who worked on “I’m Fine” and “Home”

“We are very glad that Park Jin Young has given us his first song, and we are really prepared for what we wanted to do.

“I am delighted and glad to have made my first work with PD so quickly,” PD said. Then, “PD, including the incredible lyrics,
The composers gave our heart to us.
I expect that much more. ”

Chae said, “We have distributed our part and taught you directly. I always thank you for your laughing and guidance, and I advised you to sing with confidence and confidently.”

It will be released on 6:00 pm at 6 pm on various music sites including ‘ICY’ and mini 1st album ‘IT’z ICY’

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