tvN ‘Hotel del Luna’ tomorrow (13th), ahead of the premiere day, lightning has released a beautiful Luna Del boss comprehensive set of pictures of Lee, Ji – Eun (IU).

Director Oh Cho-hwan said in the production presentation of TVN new Saturday drama ‘Hotel del Luna’ (playful Hong Jung-eun Hong Mi-ran, director Oh Choong Hwan Studio Dragon, It was because of having various images such as splendor, wackiness, and wit. Lee Ji-eun also said, “The prolonged month is attractive because it is a person capable of various interpretations.” “I will show you something without emphasizing or hiding something. I wish I could look like a comprehensive gift set. ” So is it.

Today’s (12th) image of the beautiful janganmon moon shows a variety of attractive charms. Also, if you emphasize the pleasure of seeing and seeing with colorful styling, the smoke expressing various emotions such as curious, curious, bittersweet, smile that seems to be somehow add curiosity to three-dimensional characters and the hidden story of the month.

“Hotel Del Luna” is not an easy character because it has been a person who has changed over the years and has existed for a long time. However, Lee Ji-eun said, “The charm of the actor and her enthusiasm for her work have completed her fortune,” explaining, “All images of the comprehensive photo set released today (12th) can be seen in one or two times. Of course this is not all. ” “Finally, tomorrow (13th) at 9 pm, Hotel Del Luna starts its first business. Lee is expected to give his drama fans another life character again. ”

“Hotel del Luna” is a fantasy romance that depicts a special story that happens when an elite hotelier takes on the manager of Hotel Del Luna in a fateful event and runs a del Luna with a majestic and beautiful but wacky boss like a moon. It was an early project of ‘The Sun of the Lord’s Army’ written by Hong writers in 2013. This story will come to the world in 2019, and director Cho Chung-hwan will direct director of “Doctors” and “While you are asleep.”

Tomorrow (13th) Saturday night at 9:00 tvN will be broadcast first.

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