The JTBC ‘Settlement Conference’, broadcast on the afternoon of the 24th, presented an agenda for whether Jae-jae, a third-year employee, will remain a freelancer or a freelancer. 

Jae-jae, a third-year employee, appeared. Jae-jae said he didn’t know how much to spend when the transportation expenses were released. In the words of using the Soka and the Green Car, Yang Se-hyung said, “I think that it would be better to just buy a car. The decoration was revealed. He said that he bought a lot of things for broadcast props. I’m asking you to buy me. 

Jaejae said that there are many meetings for the meeting, and that the items of Sbs News are often chattering. He said that he has 300,000 won in hepatic hemangioma and he eats milk thistle and buttercup juice every month. A compliment of “fresh” poured out of the appearance of taking out parsley juice from the inner bag. 

Kim Hwan said he was willing to leave the office, so he said that he had all the medical checkups before leaving the office. There was a small extra cost, but I thought it was a benefit to drive it all. When SBS explained that 40KG of rice is coming out as a holiday gift, Jaejae wondered, “Was rice still available at that time?” 

Song Eun-yi said, “Rather, I would like Jaejae to be a Reds coat of arms and be a strip of the Spurs.” Yeo Hyun-soo and Song Eun-yi said, “The salary that I receive in the name of a challenge is undervalued. I want to be a salary worker now.” 

The claim that “the company is not responsible for me to the end” continued. In the end, Jae-jae nods his head again after explaining that there is a life after retirement. “The most memorable thing was that Mr. Song In-i told me to be a Meryl Streep. “I’m now stuck on the Meryl Streep”, making the studio a sea of ​​laughter.

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