tvN ‘Ass months Chronicles’ said Jang is a station for the increase was the 8kg, ‘planting days’ testimony directly tagon.

After the confession of ‘confession’, the TVN new Saturday drama ‘Astdar Chronicle’ (play Kim Young-hyun, Park Sang-yeon / director Kim Won-seok / studio dragon, KPJ) Contains the fateful stories of heroes who write other legends.

Jang Dong – gun was the son of the Sadori tribe, the leader of the Ashdar tribe, and the son of Tagan, a genius strategist. In the drama, Targon was led by a young teenager to victory in the Great War. He is trying to save his own tribe. Jang Dong-gun, who has shown unprecedented style and charismatic performances, is attracting attention.

Jang Dong Gun reminded me of the synopses and scripts of the Astral Chronicles when I first read and went down and said, “I fell into the new worldview and story, and I could not take my eyes off until the last chapter.” Explained.

In the meantime, Jang said that he chose “Astdal Chronicle” because he had the greatest chance to work with the best writers, bishops, and actors. “After luck,” I felt compassion It seems to have been chosen to be dragged by the character of Tagon “.

Most of all, Jang Dong-geun said, “I made my body up to 8kg by exercising to make the outer shape of Taegon, the leader of Astdal, the leader of Astdal.” In addition, Jang Dong-gon added, “I shifted the meta-tone to suit the situation of Tagon gradually growing as an authority.”

In particular, Jang Dong-gon said, “If you start to look down on historical facts or prejudices that you are familiar with, you will be immersed in the novelty and interesting worldview of the drama” , And curiosity about dramatic and extraordinary drama.

The crew said, “Jang Dong-gun reveals his charismatic aura, which does not even need explanation, and is completely digesting Tagon in every shooting.” “Be a born-and-found strategist and a born leader, but watch out for Jang Dong-geon It is different. ”

On the other hand, the TVN new Saturday drama ‘Asdal Chronicle’ will be broadcasted at 9:00 on Saturday night, June 1, following ‘confession’.

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