The singer appeared as a guest on the June 8 broadcast of the variety show, where the cast members expressed their anticipation for her upcoming solo debut.

“I’m [making my solo debut] on June 13,” said Jeon Somi, “but it took three years for it to happen.” Kang Ho Dong then asked if she was still in touch with the other members of project group I.O.I, and she replied, “Yes, I even met up with Chungha yesterday.”

She went on to tease the “Ask Us Anything” cast by saying, “Chungha said that she’d come here today to help me out.” When the cast members reacted with shock and disbelief, she left the room, insisting, “I’ll call her over.”

Jeon Somi then dramatically re-entered the room, cracking up the cast by doing an unexpected impersonation of Chungha dancing to “Gotta Go.” The singer even provided a helpful breakdown of her Chungha impression, explaining, “Chungha does this slow-motion thing while she dances,” before going on to demonstrate what she meant.

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