In the MBC drama ” Welcome 2 Life ” ( directed by Kim Geun-hong / play Yoo Hee-kyung ) that aired on the 6th , Lee Jae-sang ( Joo- hoon ) was shocked by the fact that he was married to Lazion ( Lim Ji-yeon ) and even had a child .

Nolan yijaesang went up to the meeting that steel firms yulpeom gloss ( Han Sang-jin ) to represent ” Well, I haetdae married !” Said trembled a fuss . Minseong Jin ( Choi Phillip ) is not as outrageous expression ” not haeteuni she married ,” he said .

Yijaesang is such a reaction , ” What . Are you all crazy except me ? ” I was embarrassed and found Min Sung-jin . ” Why are you here ? You are a prosecutor . Why you’re here , ” Jean called to minseong yijaesang is he going to do this ,” you’re a lawyer was I going to test the wind , ” found that arctangent .

” Are you that brought honor to Chamberlain ” Jean minseong to yijaesang is called ” Tha Are you hoping Indeed, even Chamberlain honor , this test ,” he said . Lee Jae-sang was called ‘ this prosecutor ‘ just before the stunner .

Lee is surprised that he is a prosecutor, not a lawyer . He realized that he had to save Seo Young-joo, whom he had not saved in his previous world .

‘ Welcome 2 Life ‘ is a romantic comedy investigation in which Solo Nam Yang-A, a lawyer who pursued only her own interests, was accidentally sucked into another parallel world and opened up by a rigid prosecutor . The MBC drama ” Welcome 2 Life ” is broadcast at 9 pm every Monday and Tuesday .

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