In the third session of SBS gilt drama ‘Doctor Yohan (play Kim Ji-woon / directed tidal generator Kim Young-hwan)’ broadcasted on July 20, the characters of Chayo Han (Ji Sung Min) and Kang Si Young (Lee Se-young) .

Kang Si Young, who was about to leave for Madagascar, returned to prison for an emergency. Cha told the Kang Sang – young, “Once you tie the shoelace and go to the hospital with the patient, that ‘s the first.”

Kang Si-young, who said, “I am dependent on Kang Sang-young for death or not from now on,” he told me that he should have a kidney examination as soon as he arrived at the hospital.

“I do not know where the problem is,” said Yoo Joon-joon. Do not you listen to him, do you? 6238 in Cheongil Prison “and asked,” Are you mad now? Do you believe in a doctor whose license was canceled? Do not believe him. ”

But as Cha Johan and Kang Si-young said, abnormal signs were found, and Yoo Joon asked what the diagnosis was. Cha John called Kang Shi-young to “diagnose a Fabry of 127,000,” and said, “There is a small possibility, but if you say the opposite, you may die because of 0.0001%.”

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