‘Eighteen Moments’ Ong Sung-woo and Kim Hyang-gi excite their excitement with a tender embrace of tears.

On the 27th, JTBC’s monthly drama ‘Eighteen Moments’ unveiled the rooftop date of Ong Sung-woo (Jun-woo) and Kim Hyang-ki (Subin).

At present, Ong Sung-woo and Kim Hyang-ki have the most exciting and happy first love moments of their eighteen years. The pink romance of the two, who confirmed each other’s minds from the school trip, increased the excitement of viewers. At the end of the last broadcast, Ong Sung-woo, who came by Kim Hyang-ki’s house, unexpectedly confronted his mother, Sim Yi-young, and their daunting trilateral encounters added interest.

In the meantime, Kim Hyang-ki, who is invited to the rooftop room of Ong Sung-woo in the released photo, is curious. Ong Sung-woo made his talented cooking skills for Kim Hyanggi. Their sweet, rooftop courtyard date sparks a refreshing thrill. Where Ong Sungwoo spent his lonely time alone, the fact that the familiar space was with Kim Hyanggi seems to be a new feeling.

On the other hand, in the picture that follows, they focus their attention once again with a different atmosphere. Kim Hyang-gi tears up the stories he had in mind. Sadly, Ong Sung-woo, who was watching this, comforted him with a warm hug and amplified his flutter.

On the 12th of ‘Eighteen Moments’, she walked the romance flower path in her mother’s heartfelt congratulations. Ong Sung-woo and Kim Hyang-gi convey each other comfort and courage, while suspicion of sexual manipulation surrounding Shin Seung-ho (Hui-yeong) spreads, and the atmosphere of the school begins to get cluttered.

The production team said, “Ong Sung-woo and Kim Hyang-gi reveal their wounds in their hearts, touch the pain of their opponents, and get closer to each other. Please watch the two people comfort themselves to each other.” Told. Twelve episodes of ‘The Eighteen Moments’ are aired today at 9:30 pm on JTBC.

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