On the way to meet Ong Sung-woo ~ Kim Hyang-gi ‘Wak-Wap’ Waiting moment 1 second before the finger touch!

Kim Hyang- gi, the movie dating site , catches a sudden change of expression! What happened since your first date?

‘Eighteen Moments’ Ong Sung-woo and Kim Hyang-ki’s movie theater date was captured.

On the 13th, JTBC’s monthly drama “ Eighteen Moments ” (directed by Sim Na-yeon, script Yun Kyung-a, and production drama house Keyist) revealed the first dating scene of Junwoo (Ong Sung-woo) and Subin (Kim Hyang-gi). The sweet air flowing between them stimulates the flutter.

In the last broadcast, Subin was drawn in confusion after Jun Woo’s confession. The mother (Kim Sun-young), who ran to school on the news that Soo-bin fell during the test, disliked Jun-woo, a forced transfer student, and asked her to stay close to him. As soon as Romi (Han Sung-min) ‘s unrequited love for Junwoo switched to straight mode, Subin became even more sad. Joon-woo is frustrated even when he inadvertently keeps shifting with Subin. Joon-woo came to Subin’s house after contemplation and faced her mother and daughter. Subin looks embarrassed by unexpected face-to-face encounters and her cold eyes. In addition to this, Jun-woo’s face, rather than dignity, provoked excitement and made them more curious about the relationship change.

Did his courage work? Jun-woo and Su-bin’s first date in the public picture captures the eyes. The warm eyes of Jun-woo, who are fully prepared for Su-bin, and the expression of Su-bin who cannot hide his tension on the way to meet him, causes a fresh flutter. Unlike the usual appearance in school uniforms, the change of the two wearing a lovely date look is also eye-catching. Joon-woo and Su-bin, who are on a date at a movie theater, amplify their excitement by creating a scene that seems to be within reach. However, Soobin’s firm face and Junwoo’s look anxiously watching him on the mobile phone suggests dark clouds on the road of romance.

In today’s (13th) episode, the eighth episode depicts Jun-woo, who has been brave for Su-bin, and his heart-warming change. In addition, the 18-year-old boy and girl’s growth stage will continue until the runaway of Sang Hoon (Kim Do Wan) who has missed the first place in school, and the appearance of Whee Young (Shin Seung Ho) who are in a sense of self-confidence after learning all the truth.

“Eighteen moments,” the crew said, “Please look forward to seeing if Jun-woo, who has been brave for Subin, can lead to a change in the relationship between the two.” Said.

Meanwhile, ‘Eighteen Moments’ ranked No. 1 in the drama topic topic index (Good Data Corporation from August 5 to August 11) for the third consecutive week with a 44.49% share of the monthly drama. Renewed its own best. The eighth episode will air at 9:30 pm on JTBC today (13th).

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