JTBC ‘s new drama’ Aide ‘released teaser poster and teaser video on May 10. What is the meaning of the gold flowing down Lee Jung-jae’s black suit, intense afterimages do not leave my mind.

Dangerous gambling of real political players who move the world behind the spotlight. JTBC’s new gilt drama ‘Aide’ (drama Lee Dae-il / directed by Kwak Jung-hwan) to draw the fierce survival period of super-aide Jang Tae-joon (Lee Jeong-jae)

In the open teaser poster, Jang Tae-joon, who tied his necktie with a determined look and firm lips, was included. Above all, the eye-catching is the golden color that flows through black and white images. “I wanted to survive in this filthy world” seems to represent the golden ambition of Jang Tae-joon. Members of the National Assembly, represented by ‘gold and silver paper,’ and Jang Tae-joon who supports them with the best ability. If so, is his ambition headed for gold?

The teaser video, which was released with the poster, was more vivid in the background music, where the contrast between the golden liquid and the black suit was imminent. A golden feast that flows down his body while he is refining his sleeves. Jang Tae – joon ‘s voice, which is harder than anything else, reveals his firm will to survive in a dirty world. It is time to wonder about the ambition that is hiding in the deep because it is not yet time. His last eye gazing at the front is colder and sharper than ever.

While the sensational yet intense posters and images completed with the aura of the actor Lee Jung-jae and unique visuals amplified the expectations for the “assistant,” the production team said, “We confirmed the first broadcast on June 14, “I would like to see what kind of story I will make when I meet Lee Jung – jae ‘s masterful performance, which has returned to my home theater in 10 years.”

On the other hand, ‘aide’ is directed by Kwak Jung-hwan, director of ‘Miss Hammurabi’, ‘THE K2’, ‘Chuno’, ‘Lee On-il’ The studio, which has succeeded in winning a lottery through the movie, is also attracting attention as a meeting with a production crew


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