On September 16, JTBC’s new Monaco Drama “ Flower Party of Chosun Hondam Works ” (played by Kim Gi-Rang / Director Kim Ga-Ram) will be able to shoot three flowers of hawks who are finer than a woman, a man-like desperate dog shit, and his first love. This is a ghost talk project of the Joseon Ambassador. Byun Woo-suk’s role as Hanyang’s best informant, Do-jun, is not the only thing that looks outward, but a reversal character of ‘flower paddang’.

Convenience, Cheon Ha Pacific, Sonic Wind Farm. It is a lion idiom that explains Hanbi Sunbi Dojun’s usual conduct, which is his job to play and eat for a lifetime. But it is a miscalculation in terms of stealing women’s heart. Dojun is a rare man who is a generalist, multi-class genius who has been involved in all fields such as the Korean language, the Gyeonggi War, and Uiseo. His role is to collect only the best information from the room that comes and goes like a house. Dojun, a walking dictionary, uses this information for mediation and plays a vital role in the ‘flower pad’.

Still sniping at the steelcut, which was released on August 27, he has a beautiful look, a serious appearance, and opposite charms. In addition to this, ‘Johan’ pursuing Yolo Chosun, but if you know that the anti-war character with a story is added, Do Joon’s story becomes more curious.

Byun Woo-seok, who has completely melted into the character from head to toe, will fully demonstrate the solid acting power that she has accumulated through various works through ‘Flower Padang of Chosun Hondam Works.’ The production team said, “At first, Byun Woo-seok is using his own color to make Do-jun, who is eye-catching on his sweet appearance and who is getting harder and harder. Please expect a lot from Dojun’s first broadcast. ”

First broadcast at 9:30 PM on September 16.

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