In the tvN entertainment program ‘The Shunnae Tour,’ which aired on the 3rd afternoon, Kyu-hyun and Kim Joon-ho were members of Lisbon, Portugal. Kim Jun-ho, who laughed from the appearance of leopard-patterned fashion, put a strong brake on Kyu-hyun’s two-merch talk.

Kyu-hyun, who took the first day tour, introduced Hosiu Square. This place means ‘anyone can come and enjoy’. Kyuhyun said, “If you come to Portugal, you should drink and go.”

It was ‘jinjinya bar’. The ginsinya in the glass of chocolate became a great energy even with a drink. Members who drank two cups until the refill were satisfied. Park Myung-soo said, “Let’s eat another drink.” Everyone missed the situation when they had to move because of the next spot.

Then we boarded the Santa Husta elevator, which has a history of more than 100 years. But as soon as he hit, he rattled the members. When I got off the elevator, I had to walk through the stairs again. The members worried, “It’s really walking up to the sky”, “It seems to be shaking”, “It’s scary”.

Everyone endured and reached the summit. He was the king of the end of the Lisbon Observation Deck, where he could tour 360 degrees across Lisbon. Park Myeong-su was surprised by saying, “Isn’t this the real heaven?” Members with a beautiful night view. Han Hye-jin, however, complained of fear of heights.

Kyu-hyun said he prepared a grand dinner. It was a restaurant that rebuilt Trindade Monastery. Kyuhyun introduced, “The dark beer is the most famous here. It inherits and sells the monastery recipe. The next is White Shangri-La.” Kyu Hyun said, “I was suffering a lot today. I expected a lot of backlash.

The members tasted local foods such as seafood rice, seafood plate, bakalau abras and were generally satisfied. Park Myung-su said, “Kyu-hyun is first. Really delicious.” Han Hye-jin said to Kim Jun-ho, “I saw all the landmarks today. Where are we going tomorrow?” Kim Jun-ho said, “Tomorrow is a statue show.”

Battle of the flames started. The Junho tour against Gyuhyeon was a “ Aquatic Tour ”. Kim Joon-ho laughed since he appeared as a pirate costume. He constantly boasted of gag instincts at the request of members.

Members visited the Jeronimos Monastery, a state of art. I took a commemorative photo outside and tried to get inside, but the manager said, “The door is closed. Closed on Monday.” Kim Junho was embarrassed and said, “I didn’t talk about this. Kyu-hyun said, “It’s the worst. I thought the first button was wrong.” Kim Joon-ho said, “It is the fault of the designer who did not check thoroughly. I admit it.”

Kim’s first mistake could have been made up with egg tar. The members left behind their hearts and headed for the Portuguese egg tart restaurant, which boasts 180 years of tradition.

The freshly baked egg tart’s visuals grabbed it. As soon as we had a bite, interjection came out among the members. “Really delicious”, “different taste”, “really crispy” and rave reviews poured out. I sprinkled sugar powder and cinnamon on it. Another taste gave a surprise.

Kim Jun-ho said, “Is it really delicious because of my design?” The members said, “It’s recommended. It’s recommended.” In the end, Kim Joon-ho ordered eight more egg tarts. The Salty Tour is broadcast every Monday at 11 pm.

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