Jung Kun-ju will play the role of Lee Do-hwa in MBC’s new tree mini-series ‘A Day Found.’

MBC’s new TV drama series ‘May Been Discovered’ (played by Lee Ji-hye, Song Ha-young / Director Kim Sang-hyeop / Produced by MBC, Lam Lam) Made public. Jung Gun-ju in the photo brightens the atmosphere with a sweet and bright smile.

‘A day discovered by chance’ is a real school romance drama where high school student Eun Dan-oh (Kim Hye-yun Boo) goes through a certain fate and achieves love.

Chung is divided into ‘Ido Hwa’ who is a member of A3 and ranks in the drama. Lee Do-hwa (Jung Gun-ju) is a playful and sweethearted character, with a tender personality that goes well with anyone in a friendly and friendly manner. Also, every time he walks or exercise, he is a perfect-looking owner, accompanied by the cheers of female students.

However, there is a hidden melancholy behind Lee Do-hwa, who looks bright as if he is not worried. In addition, he is making a strange triangle between his best friend and A3 leader Oh Nam-ju (Kim Young-dae), and Lee Do-hwa is expecting a different story.

In the released photo, Jung Gun-ju boasts a fresh appearance and a fresh smile and shows a 200% synchro with Lee Do-hwa’s character. Indeed, there is growing interest in what kind of acting transformation Jung Kun-ju, who is showing the spirit of warmth, will thrill prospective viewers.

In this way, Jung Gun-ju is going to excite viewers’ curiosity behind the bright and mischievous appearance, and to make the home theater excitement with fresh loveliness. Jung Joon-ju’s performance can be seen in MBC’s new tree mini-series “ Badly Discovered One ”, which is being broadcast following “ New Envoy Gu Hae-ryeong ”.

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