MBC’s Bae Chul-Soo Jam (Jam), which aired on February 3, was featured as a ‘Koyo Legend’, featuring the folk legend Lee Jang-hee and the 70s legend Diva Jung Mi-jo.

Jung Mi-jo was a top star as soon as he made his debut in 1972 with an elegant voice and western voice, but suddenly went to Paris to study for 22 years. Many younger artists such as Sim Soo-bong, Sunwoo Kim Jungah, gimyunah they had to remake a net set of songs including “more rapid” IU. Jung Mi-jo made a comeback after 37 years in 2016.

Jung Mi-jo confessed that he had known Bae Chul-soo and Peregrine Falcon for 14 years. “I went to Paris in 1979, when Falcon debuted. By the time I was in Paris, I was so busy that I didn’t know who the falcon was. The falcon came in the waiting room. But I didn’t say hello. ” Bae said, “I’m sorry. Seniors. I was stupid at that time, ”he apologized and bowed.

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