Jung So-min’s house has been released.

In the SBS ‘Little Forest’, which aired on the 12th, Jung So-min was invited to his house by Lee Seo-jin, Park Narae, and Lee Seung-gi.

On this day, Lee Seung-ki headed somewhere first and there was Jung So-min holding a baby. When Lee Seung-ki asked, “Is the landlord,” Jung So-min replied, “The landlord is my parents and I live on it.”

Jung So-min introduced his baby as a nephew. Jung So-min has asked that “ever Can be inside the child,” Lee Seung Gi has embraced the baby struggling.

Lee Seung Gi is holding a baby was nervous and “more difficult than movement.” Jung So-min entrusted the baby to Lee Seung Gi was greeted Lee Seo-jin and baknarae.

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