In the Mnet ‘Gang Daniel Comeback Show CYAN’ broadcast on the 24th, the first stage of Kang Daniel’s new song and the daily life of Kang Daniel were drawn.

Kang Daniel, who came back four months after the release of the first mini album ‘CYAN’ at 6:00 pm on the day, appeared in a blue old car running on the road.

First, Kang Daniel unveiled the stage of the song ‘Jealous’ on the straight road for the first time. ‘Jealous’ is a song that contains the fresh spring breeze that blows after the cold winter. Kang Daniel attracted attention with his cool voice and performance.

Following this, Kang Daniel showed off the stages of ‘TOUCHIN’ and ‘Adulthood’ released last year. First of all, he showed off his boyish beauty in the ‘Adult Hood’, and shed a sexy charisma on the ‘TOUCHIN’ stage, wearing a check suit.

In addition, Kang Daniel unveiled a self-cam containing the daily routine of preparing for a comeback. After revealing her brushing her teeth in the bathroom of the house, he took the time to check the album to the company’s recording studio. When asked about the feeling of coming back, he said, “Okay, it’s exciting and it’s shaking.”

He said that it was difficult to prepare the song. “From the ‘touching’, the difficulty of the song began to rise. “I felt like I shouldn’t be rough.”

When asked if there was anything I wanted to show like this with a new album, Kang Daniel said, “It wasn’t the picture I was thinking of.”

He also went to a past life experience to know the past. The result of Kang Daniel’s previous life as a hypnotist was a high rank general who was tasked with protecting the king’s sister. In another past life, I was a free-flying owl and laughed.

In order to find out the future, Kang Daniel, who went to see the tarot card, asked, “Is this album going to do well?” Regarding wealth luck, it was normal now, but it was very successful in the future. Lastly, Kang Daniel laughed when he answered “I will do very well” when asked if he could do well without making a mistake. 

He said to the fans by saying, “Tomorrow is a comeback day, and I want to share a good vibe of these music with you.” 

Lastly, Kang Daniel unveiled the title song ‘2U’ for the first time in the world. “It’s a song that’s comfortable and easy to listen to when you listen to it, but you can fill the stage well. There’s a vibe that’s unique to the song. Kang Daniel, who appeared in sporty outfits, filled the scene with grooved performances and relaxed stage manners.

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