In the KBS ‘Troublesome Sons of the Rooftop Room’, which aired on the 3rd afternoon, a problem about wildfire in Australia appeared for several months. 
When asked about the reason why koalas died near 8000 are vulnerable to fire, Kim Yong-man said, “You’re slow. “That’s why it’s called,” said the question, “I have such a theory,” while the answer was quite plausible. 

“The koala eats eucalyptus, but it says it contains alcohol, so it was slow and drunken like a drunken,” said Yongman. Eucalyptus is said to contain oil, and because of its habit of not drinking water at all, it is vulnerable to fire. 

Following the footage of the Australian fire scene, Hyung Wook told a story about a family trip to Australia two months ago. In fact, it was a war to avoid forest fires, but Min Kyung-hoon said, “It was a forest fire since September. 

Yong-man was worried about the atmosphere because he was “mature.” Song Eun-yi said, “No, my brother did not match it. On the other hand, Hyung-wook expressed worries that “I don’t know if I can do it well” as Kang Hyung-woong appeared on ‘That son of the rooftop room’ on the day. ‘President’s face’.

Kim Yong-man, who met the problem as much as Kang Hyung-wook, did not stop laughing. 

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