KBS 2TV drama ‘Dang, One Love’ (written by Choi Yoon Kyo / Director Lee Jung Sup / Produced Victory Contents, Monster Union) Lee Yeon Seo (Shin Hye Sun) and Angel Dan (Kim Myeong Soo) It is unfolding. The guardian angel who used Lee Dee-Seo on the threshold of death, and the romance of Lee Yeon-seo, who became warm due to it, is giving a healing response to the house theater and causing a hot reaction.

In the meantime, the past narrative, which binds De Lee and the Dan with the strings of destiny, is gradually revealed, exploding viewers’ curiosity. Although it was briefly disclosed through the broadcast and the epilogue, the beautiful and sad scenes of the girl and the boy, which are thought to be the past of Lee Yeon-seo and Dan, are interested in what narrative is and what kind of connection there is. Focused.

In front of the stage, he shed tears on his emotions that he had become aware of while he was watching a ballet dancer standing on the beach. In the meantime, the younger sisters dancing and the boy looking at them crossed. The boy, full of bruises and scars on his face, laughed happily as he watched the dancing of the concert. Then, as he felt his heart beating, he touched the audience with his hands touching his chest.

In relation to this, ‘Dah, a Love’ 13 ~ 14 times in the preview video, the image of Lee Yeon Seo and Dahn who met at the beach attracted attention. In the embarrassed form, the appearance of Lee Yeon-seo, asking, “Why are you here?”, Has made the broadcast more exciting as to whether their past narrative will be revealed.

“Dahn, one love” production team, “This week will be revealed the past of Deyeon and Dahn, hope you can expect more romance with Deyon and Dean’s feelings of emotion.” Shin Hye-sun and Kim Myung- It will ring the viewers’ mind with the smoke that piled up. ”

Fantastic Heavenly Romance KBS 2TV drama ‘Dang, One Love’ has been collecting topics since the first broadcast, following the first place in the drama. ‘Dan, one love’ 13-14 times will be broadcast on Wednesday, June 12 at 10:00 pm.

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