Yiwoo Jin, Kim Se-jung, Song Jae-rim and Park Ji-yeon show their perfect harmony with the orchestra unit.

The four leading actors who will be responsible for sleeping in the KBS2 new moonwalk “Let’s sing your song”, which will be broadcasted on August 5th, will double the fun of preliminary viewers by playing musical instruments.

It is interesting and realistic to show the relationship between the orchestra members as a common denominator of disassembled music, as it is a group of orchestras. The characters who have lived so different lives add to the story richness, jealousy, and doubtfulness.

Jang Yoon is a pianist who catches up with Hong Yi-young for part-time job sleeping in an evening call and beautiful performance at the same time. “I play piano too hard,” said Yeon Woo-jin, “I practice and practice to make it as natural as possible. “I will spend a lot of time playing the piano,” he said. Yeon Woo-jeong is paying attention to what kind of romantic melody she will shoot her.

However, Hong – yeong is a timpaniist who has no specs to express, but his heart is healthy. So, Kim Se-jung, for the perfect timpani performance, “I took lessons twice a week before the drama. The teacher gives a lot of tips when he / she is practicing regularly, and is doing his / her attention while acting. ”

In addition, Song Jae-rim in the conductor Nam Jung-wan, who concentrates his attention with his brilliant performance, “I also take individual lessons and concentrate on the music used in the drama.” “I always worry about how to express the feeling of the instrument individually “I am curious as to the color of the command he will show in the future.

Park Ji-yeon at Haeunju Station, who will play the men with the violin playing the violent performance, “It was hard to catch the bow because it was the first time to play the violin directly.” “I was confused because I did not think about it before, I am proud to be able to make a down sound. ”

In this way, the four actors are trying to play different instruments and apply a richer color to the story. There is a growing expectation for the colorful music that they will be able to enjoy and the charm of their individuality.

The mystery loco drama will be broadcasted at 10:00 pm on August 5th, when the timpannist who lost all the memories of “the day” that had the murder case “Let’s sing your song” finds the suspicious melodies and tries to find the lost truth.

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