KBS 2TV ‘Perfume’ Shin Sung Rok – Kwon Won Hee showed a live birth work ‘one roof two meal table’ scene.

Shin Sung Rok – Kwon Won Hee is a gifted designer who has a variety of phobia and allergies in the KBS 2TV Wall TV drama ‘Parfum’. In order to regain his youthful day with the perfume of question and question, I played Min Jorin who was chasing after me. The two are captivating those who watch from their first broadcast with “Charming Chemie,” which raises the laughter that drives the unexpected events after an accidental encounter.

Above all, in the last broadcast, Ishido has been broadcasting SNS live broadcasting to get a job, and when he saw Min-jirin who jumped into the river, he recalled a moment when a young boy fell into the water. The struggling West Island proclaimed to Min – jirin that he would hire him to work, and rescued Min – jirin from the water. After a year’s vacant house, Min-Yorin was taken to the house where he had left his house until he left the office. Min-Yorin took a prestigious internship with a national salary skill Passed it safely, it was a premonition that the employment front reached the threshold of success.

In this regard, Shin Sung-rok – Ko Won-hee is captivated by the ‘separate food table, Min-jilin, who succeeded to work as a housekeeper in the house, was in a gut parade in Suido. Seo Ishido, who did not bring a footstep in the house for a year, sits at the table and Min – jirin eats rice with a bowl and a spoon on the porch. It is noteworthy that Min-Yorin, who had been in a crisis of conquering the last time, decided to overcome the crisis, and Min-Yilin was stepping on the road to success in finding employment as a housemaid assistant.

Shin Sung Rok – Ko Won-hee’s ‘One Roofing Two-table Dinner’ scene was held on the 15th of May in a set room in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province. As soon as they arrived at the filming stage, they exchanged constant discussions with Kim Sang-hui about the situations and emotions of the characters. In addition, ‘Perfume’ to dissolve the newcomer of the comedy of the scene to disseminate the opinions of each other repeatedly rehearsed a willingness to do the willing. Furthermore, as they entered the film, the two poured the adverbs in the right place with the scenes and characters dissolved, and responded with fantasy breathing and raised the laughing score of the scene.

The filmmaker said, “Shin Seung-rok and Kwon Hee-hee are so active as to be laughing messengers on the spot, breathing every breath, so I want to be laughing like this.” ” Please watch the story, “he said.

On the other hand, KBS 2TV New Moon TV drama ‘PERFUME’ is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 pm.

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