KBS 2TV’s new tree drama ‘When camellia bloom’ (played by Sang-Chun Chun / Director Young-Hoon Cha / Producer Fan Entertainment) is a bombarded romance of Honmepatal Hwang Yong-sik, who wakes up with unconditional support and support for the prejudiced camellia, “All you need is love!” All. On the other hand, those around Camellia and Yong-gu shout “I love you.”

The picture released on the 22nd shows Gong Hyo-jin playing Camellia president of Ongsan as Camellia. Ongsan, the main background of the drama, is a “ ticket ” neighborhood where three generations live and live. The appearance of the New Face is inevitable to natives, but the camellia is a pretty owner of a mixture of Mary and Madonna. You can also feel the vitality in the paddock that is accidentally stuck in the back pocket.

A camellia with pureness and loveliness in pure white T-shirts and jeans with red sneakers. I have never been loved properly, but I know how to give love, and if I look at it for a long time, everyone will love it. Gong Hyojin’s unique ‘Gongbli’ charm and camellia’s cute and pulpit character met.

‘When camellia flowers fill’ is the work of ‘Sam, My Way’ and ‘Chun Hun’ and ‘You are human’. ‘Justice’
Subsequent September 18 will be the first broadcast at 10 pm.

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