KBS2 ‘Parfum’ appeared in Asia Prince and 3 seconds to appear in the love of falling in love with Kim Min-gyu Star & Styles magazine at style (@ star1) with 8 photos were taken. Kim Min-gyu takes drama and entertainment to the audience with an open-minded charm.

Kim Min-gyu, who shows the charm of splashing with superstar Yun Seok-suk in KBS2 ‘parfum’, questioned about the synchro rate of character and real personality in love, “It is a character that is completely different from Yun Min-suk who is free-spirited. No, not even the cool personality of the triple A type group president, “he replied.

Asked about the ending of the triangular romance in the drama, he added, “I think the ending will be different depending on whether or not the conflict between Ido and Minseok is resolved.” “I do not know if it seems to be halfway yet,” he added.

Regarding the love affair of MBC ‘Hukui,’ which is not only loved as a drama by the character of ‘straight-forward’, but also about the love of hukui, he can not decorate his usual character without being idiocy. It seems to have gained popularity with the audience, “he expressed appreciation for the interest of viewers.

Interview with Kim Min-gyu who wants to be an actor who can sympathize can meet at the August Style of magazine 2019.

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