‘Chosun Rocco-Mungdujeon’ first script reading… Kim So-hyun × Jang Dong-yun Fault-FreeChemieChosun Rocco-Mungdujeon announced the birth of the world’s special and extraordinary Chosun Rocco by exploding a pleasant smile and flirting chemistry.

On September 13, KBS 2TV’s new Wolhwa drama ‘Joseon Rocco-Mungdujeon’, which was first broadcast on September 30, unveiled the anticipated scene of the script reading, where the synergy between ‘hot’ youth actors and acting masters shined.

Based on the popular Naver webtoon “ Mungdujeon ”, “ Joseon Rocco-Mungdujeon ” is based on the mysterious widow’s village, Jeonnokdu (Jang Dong-yun), and the reluctant wife Dong Dong-ju (Kim So-hyun). Pleasant Korean version of romantic comedy. Jeon Nok-duk, a woman who enters the widow village with her secrets, and the extraordinary romance of the preliminary parasitic Dong-ju, look forward to the birth of a novel youth drama.

The script readings at the Yeouido KBS Annex in June included Kim Dong-hui, Im Ye-jin and Baek So-yeon, as well as Jang Dong-yoon, Kim So-hyun, Kang Tae-oh, Jung Joon-ho, Kim Tae-woo, Lee Seung-jun, Lee Moon-sik, Song Gun-hee, Jo Su-hyang, and Koon Han. Even the drummers gathered in one place and played a passionate performance.

The scenes of the script reading were filled with hot energy from the start as the actors armed with the characters full of personality. First of all, Jang Dong-yun disguises himself into an unforeseen incident and completely dissolves in ‘Jungnokdu’, which hides as a mysterious widow’s village.

Jang Dong-yun, who is challenging the first historical drama with a “ female heroine ”, is ready from head to toe. The character ‘Mung bean’, which was never easy, was digested and led to praise.

Kim So-hyun, who was divided into the world’s ugly late-born “ Dong Dong-ju ”, increased his immersion with his broken character’s digestive power. Kim So-hyun, who portrayed Dong-ju who had the talk of the best cider in Joseon who could not stand injustice, transformed himself into Dong-dong-ju itself. Even though she boasted a hairy charm and laughed, she deeply immersed herself in the scene of deep emotions, overwhelming the middle class.

Above all, the chemistry of Jang Dong-yun and Kim So-hyun, who collected the topic from the casting stage, was perfect. Jang Dong-yun, who naturally plays the ‘Men’s Man’, and Kim So-hyun’s play and couple Kemi, who perfectly complimented with a blunt dongju, raised expectations with laughter and excitement.

In addition to Kang Tae-oh, the excitement was amplified. Kang Tae-o, who was divided into perfect chaotic visuals and physical chaos, shook the hearts of the viewers with his heartwarming charm. In particular, Cha Yul-moo is an original character not found in the original. Kang Tae-oh’s performance adds tension to the romance tension of the three and raised the excitement index.

The presence of the actors ‘Manrep’ actors among the young actors added power to the drama. Jung Joon-ho, who is divided into a precarious king ‘Gwanghae’ who is obsessed with power, and Kim Tae-woo, a friend of his trusty loyalty, ‘Ho Yoon’, took the center of the play with deep acting. Mung bean’s father, Lee Seung-jun, increased his immersion level by melting ‘Jung Yun-je’ with his strong character and straight faith.

In addition, Lee Mun-sik, who was the king of the Joseon Dynasty’s first sword, ‘Hwang Jang-gun’, made a pleasant smile with Park Da-yeon, who plays the role of his daughter Cherry, and a clever ‘woman chemi’ with a tasty dialect. The actors’ performances, which showed the depth of acting, made the script reading hotter.

“The Chosun Rococo-Mungdujeon” production team said, “The synergy of youth actors was more than expected. Please look forward to the birth of a special and extraordinary Chosun Rocco that will add to the solid original and complete. ”

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