‘Perfum’ Ko Won Hee wears a wedding dress and presents a new class of cheerfulness.

Ko Won-hee transformed into a younger day of twenties as a miracle nostalgia in the drama ‘Perfume’ (Written by Choi Hyun-ok / Directed by Kim Sang-hui / Produced Hoga Entertainment, Daily Pictures) I took it. Min-Yorin is suffering from the love of genius designer Seido (Shin Sungrok) and space star Yun Min Suk (Kim Min-kyu) as a “bad lady” who manages the fishery among the ladies who are good to the public.

Min-Yorin, on the other hand, has entered into the “triangle donger romance” with Seo Do and Yun Min Suk. However, he did not interfere with the problem of confusion, confessed to love and did not make any additional contracts, so he made a contract with him to install a laser on his house to hurt Yun Min-suk, I looked upset. In addition, Yoon Min-seok declared his will to be a winner of the press, and showed his willingness to do so by showing the attitude of being ready to do anything for the purpose of Min-Jilin.

In this regard, Kwon Won-hee unveiled her wedding dress, A scene where Min-yorin is wearing a white wedding dress and shooting a wedding. Min – jirin, who is happy and has no laughs, receives a ring proposal for the person who is shooting with her, sends a lucky smile and sends her lips for a kiss in return. It is indeed the explosion of imagination in whom the husband of a wedding photographer who has mass produced the innocence of Min – jirin.

The original said, “Kwon Won-hee is wearing a wedding dress and a real bride-like appearance, the scene has fallen into the love of Ko Won-hee.” “You can check out who is the lucky star who made the wedding film with Min Yorin through the broadcast.” 22:00 broadcast.

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