KBS 2TV ‘PERFUMES’ PERFUMES – Kim Min-kyu is secretly tied up with a secret nighttime nightmare.

Sang-yeol Lee – Kim Min-kyu is a leading domestic model agency for the scouting of Seido (Shin Sungrok) in the top model who swept the world in the past in the KBS 2 TV monthly drama ‘Perfume’ (play Hyun Choi / directing Kim Sang- Han-jinna station and the mouth of the tongue in just three seconds to catch the woman can take a role in the world idol Yun seon.

Most of all, I was in the last broadcasting, and I came to the company to buy dresses by Yoon Min-seok, who was selected as “E-do Homme Muse”. However, Yoon Min-seok said, “Do not treat him like a man while holding on to Han Ji-na.” He also showed a friendly and affectionate attitude, saying that he was smiling the most beautiful and said he had a hidden story in the relationship.

In connection with this, Hyangryeun – Kim Min-kyu is showing off the “Mil-dang Skinship” scene, which is driving cold. In the play, Hanji and Yoon Min-seok meet secretly in a remote place where only the headlights of a car are dependent. Facing with a certain distance, the two men carry on conversation with a serious expression, and suddenly Yun seeks to embrace Hinjina in her arms, but she does a back hug. However, Hanji I firmly pointed out the cold, while turning the hands of Yun seok. I wonder what secrets will be hidden between them, and why they came back late at night.

Hyung – il – Min – gyu ‘s “late – night back hugging” scene was held in a park located in Seocho – gu, Seoul on the 4th. The two of them had to shake their eyes and look at the inside of each other that they had not been able to see until now. In order to capture the background of the secret meeting, Shae Yeon and Kim Min Kyu carefully took care to immerse themselves in the scene by sharing opinions from the line to the dialogue, action, and emotion in detail. When the filming began, the two actresses completely broke into the gap between the former top model and the top star, breaking the gap in the tension between them and pouring each other’s sincere feelings into one at a time.

The producers said, “The pro-aura and the unique charm of Min-gyu Kim, which is unique to Cha-yeol, meet and attract the fresh chemi.” ” Please watch it. ”

On the other hand, KBS 2TV New Moon TV drama ‘PERFUME’ is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 pm.

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