In the 309th MBC entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’, which aired on Friday (30), Kim Choong-jae invited Gian 84, who became the muse of bust production, to serve food.

Earlier, the rainbow members staged the opening with a Leopard fashion show. Han Hye-yeon commented on Kim Chung-jae’s Leopard fashion “to stimulate the instinct of protection.” When Lee Si-eon asked about his fashion, Han Hye-yeon responded, “I am sorry,” and laughed. Park Narae said that he was similar to his heart.

Later, when Kim Choong-jae’s new house was opened, the rainbow members admired the neat interior. Kim Chung-jae said, “We moved from studio to two-room. There is also a common entrance and elevator. The house is well lit and well ventilated. ” In addition, he introduced the cat ‘Autumn’ and explained that it is named ‘Autumn’ because it was rescued in autumn. Gian 84 attracted attention by presenting ‘Instantbot’ as a housewarming gift. Kim Choong-jae made his own chicken grilled chicken with Gian 84 who helped to make the bust.

The viewers said, “I really decorated my house”, “I congratulate you for moving to a nice place”, “Autumn is so cute ♡”, “The draft suffered today,” “The draft gift is in vogue these days.” He responded with a response such as “A warm hearted heart of adopting a mother cat that could not be adopted.”

Meanwhile, MBC ‘I Live Alone’, which delivers laughter and emotion with a real single life, is broadcasted every Friday at 11:10 pm.

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